Business Lessons from the Aviation World

In the aviation world, safety is given a lot of attention—and rightfully so. Redundancy and checklists are everywhere and there is very strict regulation where everything is codified. As importantly, there are aviation-related organizations whose main focus is on learning from past mistakes. The business world could certainly learn a thing or two from the aviation industry.

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  1. Scott Allshouse

    Inspect don’t expect was learned from one of my early mentors in the Navy. The teams I work with today benefit, knowing that I’m consistent (and I hope it rubs off on them too).
    With regard to Post Mortems. Outside of aviation events, I’m certain real business value is gained when you evaluate the results of the original project plan and ask, what happened and how could it have been done better?
    Doing it better is the intent of a small company in Wisconsin called DeltaHawk Engines. They are building a new engine to run on multiple fuel types that will overcome the limited availability or bans of AvGas for general aviation in some parts of the world.

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