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  • Yes, this is the age of technology and automation. But it’s our passion that will drive us to build the emotional link between the user and the product. It’s time to go back to a “crafted with care” mentality that artisans had for generations.
    Gérard Métrailler
    What is “customer delight”? blog post
  • I’ve made all the calculations. They confirm the specialist’s opinion: our idea is unachievable. There is only one thing to do: make it happen!
    Pierre-Georges Latécoère
    "Dans le vent des hélices" Book by Didier Daurat
  • I don't want to use a computer. I don't want to do word processing. I want to write a letter, or find out what the weather will be, or pay a bill, or play a game. I don't want to use a computer, I want to accomplish something. I want to do something meaningful to me.
    Donald A. Norman
    "The Invisible Computer" Book